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Never guess what is going on around your property.

Just the sight of an SL Security Pros CCTV camera system can have a huge impact in preventing burglars from breaking in and entering your home. But our CCTV systems do more than just deter; once attached to one of our digital video recorders, you will be able to record what your CCTV camera sees and play it back at a more convenient time for you. All of our security systems are enabled for remote viewing meaning that you can watch your security footage from any location on your smart phone or tablet! We have a wide range of CCTV options that will suit your home and your budget and our experienced technicians will install your system seamlessly into your home.

Provide yourself with the unequaled benefit of live video monitoring of your property.

Whether it is suspicious activity around your home, a record of property theft, finding who is at your front door, or checking on your pets while away from home, all of these are easier to achieve with the integration of a video surveillance system.

CCTV equipment will be custom designed for your needs and property with plenty of options and features available. From single camera door entry systems to elaborate multi-property monitoring with access control, SL Security Pros designs and integrates systems that are easy to use and meet your spec.

Adding new dimensions for a smarter, safer world

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