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SL Security has spent decades protecting people and everything they love. Offering the most technologically advanced home products available, SL Security can safeguard your home and create a serene living experience through an array of residential offerings.


You will be safe and secure from these threats with an SL designed anti-intrusion and fire alarm system. Affordable and reliable for the protection of your loved ones, pets, residence, and possessions. 

While self-installed, WIFI, dependent systems are incredibly popular, there are drawbacks, namely reliability. Contact us for a complimentary home security audit and demonstration today. Let us show you peace of mind in action.


Enjoy Music in every room of your home, indoors and out. Treat your residence to a home theatre. We provide full scale design services from simply hanging TVs, to surround sound, to outfitting outdoor living spaces. Your viewing parties and game-day hosting opportunities await!

Smart Home Control

Experinece Flawless Command of Your Home’s Lighting, Entertainment, and Security
Manage your luxury home with one tap from the device of your choice. Cultivate the ideal environment for relaxation, hosting parties or children’s homework. Remotely access lights, security, and surveillance from around the world.

Lighting Control

Craft the Light in Your Home to improve productivity, Relaxation and Security
Transform your decor with sophisticated, custom-engraved keypads. Curater settings to host parties, watch movies or relax after work. Create striking landscape lighting for commanding curb appeal and security

Motorized Window Treatments

High-Precision Control of Shades provide exceptional style and privacy. Choose from a variety of high-end design, fabric and color options. Effortlessly close all shades to protect your family’s privacy. Manage natural light to preserve delicate furnishings and artwork.

Embrace Home Automation

Want a curated technology solution to match your lifestyle? Let us design a smart home integration system that brings efficiency, beauty, and comfort to your property.
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