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Having a smart home means the outside can be smart too.

Play your favorite music from discreet rock speakers around the pool. Enjoy the big game on your weatherproof TV and entertain guests while you barbeque on your fully connected back porch.

You will absolutely love the lifestyle enhancement a professionally installed outdoor entertainment system will bring. Call us today to come visit your backyard and provide a free consultation.

You love it indoors
So bring it out!

The comforts, conveniences, and entertainment you enjoy in your home need not remain indoors. Music, video, lighting… even climate controls make the great outdoors even greater, with smart home technology from Port CIty.

The music that powers your New Year’s Eve party can bring your patio to life for the Fourth of July. And if you thought lounging in your luxury home theater is the only way to watch a movie, try it from your pool lounger.

SL Security Pros can bring the same entertainment you love indoors to your poolside, patio, gazebo, lawn…virtually any outdoor space.

‘Smart Away’ lighting control

Set the mood before
they enter your home

Just as your lighting inside the house can all be connected and controlled together, so too can your landscape lighting. With automated photocell daylight sensors to pre-programmed scene scheduling, your landscape lighting doesn’t need to be anything you worry about controlling. Instead, enjoy not only the aesthetics of uplights and downlights beautifully accenting the exterior of your home but also the natural added security it offers.

Ask us about how you can monitor and control your landscape lighting from anywhere in the world using our smartphone app.

Functional, Attractive Doors AND Hardware

A review of a school’s door hardware by a security professional should occur annually. Through this assessment you will uncover opportunities to improve building safety. We provide a full line of classroom security solutions. Contact us today for a security audit. This is equally as important for any commercial or institutional premises. Our dedicated team of security audit professionals is readily available for an on-site assessment.


SL Security Pros offers a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and residential doors & locks for wood, composite, and metal materials. We are experts in numerous applications including passage, privacy, dummy trim, entrance, office, classroom, multi family, and facility lock configurations. Our technician teams specialize in complex installations.


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