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Lighting Design & Fixtures

Redecorating? Renovating? Just repainting? Consider lighting first.

The look and feel of your home is created by natural light from the sun and interior lighting from your fixtures. LED lighting gives you more choices than ever before. Now, we can select the ‘whiteness’ of the light, its purity, the preciseness of dimming and even the colors. These features make all the difference in ambiance, clarity, and how your furnishings and colors blend

Design with an Expert

We've seen the light. Whether you are redecorating or building a new home, there are literally thousands of options available to achieve the ambience you seek. SL Security Pros has two American Lighting Association Certified Lighting Specialists to make sure you get great results. We display fixtures, LEDs and RGB color options in our showroom.

LED Illumination

LEDs are a huge breakthrough in energy efficient lighting. They also offer an incredible array of illumination quality, color and beauty not available with any other available light source. ‘White' can be defined from the warm yellow/orange tint of an incandescent bulb to an increasingly neutral white like sunlight as the color temperature rating changes. If you are picking colors for your walls or furniture, be aware that the color temperature of the illumination determines what that color will be that you see at home. This is just part of what LED lighting can do. Read on!


LED fixtures come in a variety of different forms, from cove lights and downlights to pendants and LED strips. Creating the desired lighting effect for your home comes from a combination of LED bulbs and the fixtures. As an example, let's look at the all-popular recessed lighting fixtures - also called downlights or cans. There are a wide range of shapes for the fixture, from traditional round to modern square, both in a variety of sizes. Beside shape, there are different fixture depths, interior and exterior trim possibilities. Each part affects the illumination you see and how your room appears.

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