Residential Burglar & Fire Alarms Monitored 24 Hours A Day

When you go home after a long day at work, you want to know that you can relax in safety and security. You want to have total peace of mind. SL Security Pros can help you achieve the complete peace of mind you’re looking for.

We offer a variety of home security systems to meet your home’s unique needs. From doorbell cameras to monitored burglar and fire alarms, we can help you find the security solution to make your home the safe haven you need it to be.

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Not only will a custom home security system from SL Security Pros protect your home from break-ins, it will also:

  • Give babysitters and caretakers extra peace of mind during your date nights.
  • Alert the authorities automatically during an emergency situations.
  • Integrate with your home automation systems.
  • Earn you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Whether you’re at home or not, when you have a monitored home security system, you have peace of mind. Especially if your security system is integrated with a CCTV system or home automation system. You can be notified of movement in your home, see the comings and goings in and around your house and even get notifications of incoming inclement weather!

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