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Your home is your sanctuary, the one place you can go that’s all yours and designed simply to give you comfort. After a long, hard day out in the real world, all you want in the world is to go home and relax.

But can you relax? Is your home safe and secure enough for you to truly feel at peace within its walls? If you can’t answer with an emphatic “yes,” it’s time to call SL Security Pros about some new high security locks and keys.

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High security door locks are an easy and cost-effective way to add security to your home and safe haven. They are proven to reduce the risk of break-ins, giving you the kind of peace of mind every homeowner in Suffolk and Nassau counties deserves.

When choosing the best high security lock for your family’s needs, consider these factors:

  • Lock Cylinder Complexity—The more complex the cylinder, the less likely a would-be burglar can break into the lock.

  • Metal Content—Locks with plastic components are easier to break into, so look for heavy locks with plenty of metal.

  • Bolt Strength—If a burglar can’t pick the lock, they’ll try to kick it in, so look for locks with good, strong bolts that can’t be kicked in.

  • Drill Protection—When picking or kicking a lock doesn’t work, drilling does, so look for a lock that has anti-drill protections included.

  • Key Control—The best high security locks have patented keyways that make it extremely hard to copy the key without homeowner authorization.

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The security experts at SL Security Pros can help you evaluate and choose the right high security door locks for your home. We have served Long Island homeowners for over 80 years, so we know better than anyone what Suffolk and Nassau County homeowners are looking for to protect their homes.

Get the peace of mind a high security door lock can provide. Contact SL Security Pros now to get started.